Easier than I thought…ICC Gulab Jamun

gulab jamum main
At first I thought –no way!! Make khoya at home- it’s way too tedious. I mean a challenge is fine but this was really taking it a bit too far. Even my cook agreed. She said ‘chechi , I will get it for you why do you have to slog so much’ Obviously she doesn’t understand WHY I even bother entering the kitchen and what’s with the photographing food she asks. Do you get paid?
Doing it for ‘myself’ is something she doesn’t get.
I absolutely enjoy blogging and cooking its my space where I get to say whatever I want..its liberating isn’t it?

Anyway, I had decided not to take part in this months ICC but then at the last moment I had sometime to kill and I thought ‘why not’ I’m so glad I did..it was so exciting and not at all as difficult as people around me made it out to be. The Jamuns were moist and just PERFECT!!I used the recipe from indos blog.Here’s the recipe once again

Gulab Jamun
1. 4 litres whole milk
2. 1/2 kg maida (all purpose flour)
3. 1 tbsp curd (yogurt)
4. 1 tsp baking soda
5. 2 cups ghee
6. 2 litres of sugar
7. 1/2 lemon


milk thicken-Gulab

How Long will this take!!!

To Make Khova
1. In a wide mouthed heavy bottom pan add the milk and heat it in a medium flame. (add a couple of stainless steel spoons into the milk to avoid burning)
2. Reduce the milk for 3-4 hours till the milk solidifies and becomes thick.
3. Whip together yogurt and baking soda
4. To the khova add the flour and yougurt mixture and knead till it forms a pliant dough. (make sure not to add too much flour, just enough flour to make the khova pliant)
4. Make 3/4 inch diameter balls and set aside

Prepare sugar syrup
1. In a pan add the sugar and just enough water to cover the sugar. Heat till it comes to a boil.
2.Squeeze the half of the lemon (this is to avoid sugar crystals). Set aside.

Deep frying
1. Heat the ghee and deep fry the balls, adding a few at a time till golden brown.
2. Cool the balls and soak them in the sugar syrup.
3. Let sit for a few hours.

gulab jamun bowl

Delectable Dark Beauties!!!!

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  1. Looks so delicious, first time here and yu have a lovely space.

  2. They look so authentic! Yum – I LURVVV gulab jamuns.
    I’m majorly put off with the whole khoya step – boiling milk for 3-4 HOURS – I’d go insane. Unfortunately, my gulab jamuns will have to go the (Nido) milk powder way…:-(
    Bravo to you for doing the challenge!

  3. Glad u tried this challenge, gr8 work

  4. Awesome, S!

  5. Wow those look absolutely gorgeous. Way to go!

  6. Mindblowing..:).I regret not participating in this month’s challenge..I would have been glugging down a dozen jamuns by myself otherwise..:)

  7. Looks absolutely perfect!! And this question of “do you get paid for blogging” is inevitable with most of the people I meet!! 😉

  8. When you bite into the juicy jamuns, you will know its worth the effort. You have got good results.

  9. Seems like lot of work, but worth making it, right…these looks perfect and yumm:)

  10. They look awesome! I’ve never tried to make them myself either 🙂

    By the way, I’m passing on an award to you, just swing by my blog to pick it up.


  11. Mindblowing juicy jamuns!

  12. These are yum! Perfect!

  13. Yummy jamuns look delicious!

  14. I agree…it wasn’t as tough as it sounded. And the gulab jamuns are totally worth the effort.

  15. oh my god! they look really tasty…

    Super recipe and superb pictures.

    I really miss them and as an inspiration from this post I am going to have it tomorrow.

  16. Now, after I met my husband and started to meet his family I confess….I started this passion for this wonderful syrupy infused little two bite delight. But make it myself? Never. Good on you! These look simply divine.

  17. Great effort!!

  18. Hi Sheba,In may case MIL often wonders what I do with a cam in the kitchen!!!Your gulab jamuns look delicious


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