Elliott Hall – The First Stone

The first of Elliott Hall’s dark futurology trilogy, I found The First Stone to be an impressive debut.

Set in an America that is poised to be swept away by Christian fundamentalists , after terrorist attacks have destroyed Houston along with an ongoing war with Iran, the protagonist Felix Strange does not have much going for him. The war veteran turned private eye, he is now damaged goods, having contracted a nameless disease that threatens to kill him.

When the high profile Christian big-wig and founder of the fanatical group ‘The Crusade of Love’ Brother Isaiah is killed, Strange is given the task of investigating the murder. What follows is a non-stop action filled maze involving politicians, corporates and religious leaders.
he book is chillingly convincing and very readable especially if you are a fan of crime and noir genres. Hall’s world- building is just ingenious and his writing style is witty yet powerful , like when someone says something really funny with a straight face. Pick it up for his writing style if not anything else.

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  1. Very interesting, will look out for this book. BTW you have a lovely blog here : )

  2. Thanks for the great review, it sounds like an interesting book! Sounds like the author has a fantastic writing style too!

  3. Will read it soon…. 🙂


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