Little Miss Cruise- Spoilt Little Rich Girl

I know its none of my business…
Im also aware that little girls are entitled to their share of fun…

BUT I still need to comment on Suri Cruise.

The little attitude ridden diva with her extremely enviable stash of $850 Ferragamo bags , $650 dresses and a jet setting lifestyle sure seems to have it all. Not to forget her amazingly rich and famous parents.

Yeah I’m jealous. But I’m also appalled at the over indulgence she seems to revel in. I mean isn’t she the most spoilt 4 year old you know.

Of course she is. But she is also the cutest spoilt little girl.

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  1. I know she is spoiled and all, and I would never dream of indulging my daughter like that. But I love her style, and love seeing photos of her in all these cute clothes.

  2. very true, all the photoe’s I see are always of her going shopping with her mum.

  3. Yeah, you’re so right about this little rich girl! But it’s not healthy to train a kid to spend in this way. Frankly, I don’t like it at all. Not because I am jealous or anything. I still prefer how Lady Diana trained her children. Something meaningful to their lives. Thanks for sharing & enjoy your day.
    Cheers, kristy

  4. oh my…she is cute..sigh!

  5. She is pretty adorable huh? But seriously, if she turns into another Paris Hilton when she grows up, will any of us be truly surprised??

  6. Bag worth 850$…….a whopping amount !!!! look at her red dress and jacket ….She looks like exactly like her model Mom. “Blessed Child” must say

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. i just loved her in those snaps. welcome more spoilt girls…and boys!!

  8. I ditto your views. I have been thinking about the same. I still have no idea why a 4 year old needs a handbag – forget a designer one.

  9. Hey Sheba! . 🙂

    Wow, this little girl is wearing heels!!

  10. Wowo 850 $ bag, i am just thinking what all i can do with that money . Indeed she is the cutest spoled kid, but then i guess if we had money like that maybe we also might be the same woth our kids.


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