Julie Julia – Blog to Memoir to Movie

You know the kind of person who exasperates you so much you want to give them a GOOD SMACK?
well Julie Powell is exactly that kind of person…
I wanted to shake her till her head fell off….What the fuck..oops..(maybe Julia’s bad language is getting to me…)
But I mean why did she whine so much. She makes whining WHINING, you know what I mean?

Stuck at a dead-end secretarial job,Julia decides to dramatically resurrect her life by taking on a deranged assignment- to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook in a year’s time- and blog about it.

The rest of the book deals with her culinary journey including sometimes really mordant descriptions of meals made by soaking and boiling calf hooves, extracting bone marrow Putting chicken livers in jelly (from the hooves) and refrigerating it (and then eating it cold),kidneys, brains most of which resulted in her kitchen smelling “like a tannery”.

If you are not vegetarian you will be tempted to convert…

I guess the only saving grace is probably her determination to go through with the project…. and Eric, her husband, a paragon of encouragement. He comes across as very sweet and accommodating (she loves Buffy the vampire slayer, for godssake!!!!and he still loves her- If THAT’S not accommodating ..what is?)Its totally another story that she goes on to cheat on him AND write about it!!!

Well I must admit that I did feel a tinge(OK it was waaay more than a tinge) of jealousy about her rise to blogdom fame…. and almost felt inspired to try something OUTSIDE of my comfort zone…

But that aside…..the book just chronicles Julia’s cooking ‘project‘ and how she got lucky because she did the right thing(blogging) at the right time.

Strangely ,although the book revolves around food ,one just doesn’t get the feeling that she really loves food or cooking…its all a big chore to finish what she started.

I haven’t watched the movie so far..I just hope it’s better than the book…..

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  1. Hi. Great blog! I haven’t read the book but the film was a lot of fun. You are right though – it was all a huge chore for her – all in aid of getting published. Great effort and it paid off for her in the end. Take care.

  2. agree… i wish i had her guts to write,look silly and expose my private self to the world…i could get rich and famous doing that ..instantly 😀 Ho yes I would. but im a coward.and shes rich and famous.

    teh movie was good because of meryl streep. I kept wishing it was about Julia all teh time..she is one heck of a woman…both Julia and Meryl!

  3. indeed meryl streep is the saving grace, she made food and cooking like an erotic act! but other than that amy adams who did julie was irritating, i kept wanting to see more of julia… and ya it did come across like the main thing was to complete the task at hand, but i guess in this one rare case, considering your case on the book, i am happy i spent less time with this story.

  4. If you couldn’t digest the book, do not bother with the movie, unless of course you want to see Meryl Streep in her element – the ONLY saving grace in the entire movie!

  5. Hey S, I couldn’t get past the first ten minutes of the movie-turned it off due to it being so incredibly lame! I will watch almost anything too-Nicholas Cage action movies, Van Dam ridiculousness-I mean anything. Except this movie (smile)!

  6. Haven’t read the book ( and not planning to), but saw the movie. Found it entertaining and the saving grace was Meryl Streep! 🙂

  7. I loved this movie..dint read the book though..passion for cooking at its best

  8. I am so looking forward to read this book n to watch the movie as well.
    A reader of mine is insisting since long to do so…

  9. …oh and yeah, I agree with the Julie’s-lacking-passion bit even in the movie. She got into the experimental project herself.. so I don’t understand WHY the meltdowns!!

  10. I watched the movie but I’ve not yet had a chance to read (or get my hands on) the book…

    I think the best part of it was Meryl Streep (As always! I think she is splendid in any role that she plays). She carried out the role so well! As for Julie (Amy Adams)…yeah her character did not hold much water albeit it was ‘her story’.

    But on the whole, I liked the movie… more for how Streep enjoys eating (and cooking :P). My favourite part being how she was so irked with the look she gets by the men at the culinary school… LOL!! Yeah, it is pretty absurd how Julie blogs about everything under the sun.

    Hmmm *sigh* I wish I had a dab of Julie’s luck with blogging….. May be I should start off with some Tarla Dalal cook-book or something *winks*

  11. Great review! I didn’t read the book, and now I won’t cause if she’s whinier in the book than her character is in the movie, I won’t be able to handle it. The movie was quite good notwithstanding, but that’s thanks to Meryl Streep (sp?).

  12. Its interesting how each one takes a different look at the book or movie. I do agree that she did the right thing at the right time and everything fell into place for her.

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  14. Good review of the book (although I have just seen the movie a few times). You have to watch it just for Julia and Julia’s husband – he is so lovely and supportive!

  15. Ha ha ha, i sure wanna read this book and watch the movie as well:-))

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  16. I smiled reading your post: I felt the same way about this Julie woman: I read her book and gave up after a couple of chapters; it is so self-indulgent and plain uninteresting. The fact that she got famous has nothing to do with her intrinsic talent but rather that the screen writer Nora Ephron needed a supporting character in her movie. Julia Child on the other hand, now she is the Star. The other one, a passing one.

  17. Jagruti

     /  May 1, 2010

    Haven’t seen movie yet..

  18. PJ

     /  May 1, 2010

    movie is much better, i felt. book just didnt live upto the expectations

  19. I agree totally…the passion’s just not there!

  20. I got to watch this movie now:-))

  21. Hi, haven’t read the book myself. I did come across someone else who said that her blog was dry too.

    The movie wasn’t bad though. Didn’t smell like a tannery 🙂 Was a riot of colours and the food looked very tempting.

    It had an entire track of Julia Child too and was not all about Julie.

    In fact most people I know, including me, quite liked it.


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