ICC- April

Its white , wriggly and wonderfully different…
Yes! its that time of the month again when we don our Indian caps and put the kitchenware lying right at the back to good use.

Very good use.

And this month Srivalli mail read Javvarisi/Sago/Sabudhana Murukku as this month’s ICC challenge I was skeptical as this really didn’t look like my cuppa tea..esp with warnings of possible sago explosions:)
but alls well that ends well …and here they are ,my white headed crispy snacks( honestly I’m not even sure if they are supposed to look like this)

Javvarisi/Sago/Sabudhana Murukku


Rice Flour(Arisi Maavu) – 2 cups
Besan flour(Kadalai Maavu) – 1/2 cup
Fried gram flour(Pottukadalai maavu) – 1/2 cup
Sago(Javvarisi) – 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Curd – 50 gms (1/4 cup)
Chilli powder – 1/2 tsp or as per taste

Special Utensil
Murukku Achu


In the buttermilk, soak the sago for about two to three hours until it doubles in size and gets translucent. If the sago is not soaked for enough time, it might tend to burst while frying the murukkus.

In a bowl, mix all the flours together. Heat about 50 gms oil, mix it along with the flour salt and chilli powder. Slowly add the buttermilk soaked sago and knead to make a smooth dough.

In a heavy bottomed vessel, heat oil for deep frying. In the murukku achu, add enough quantity of dough. When the oil gets hot, slowly press the murukku using the achu and deep fry on both sides until it turns golden brown in color.

Cook on medium flame to ensure the muruku is cooked well.

Store in an airtight container.

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  1. Hey S,
    Thanks for that lovely comment..honey cake is my fav now…and the murukku looks so yum..i don get half the ingredients nearby, otherwise i wud have tried it in a jiffy

  2. Looks wonderful!..:)

  3. wooow,,nice murukkus paa,,looks perfect n crispy..

  4. I am not even sure what these are but I am sure that I want to eat them. They look delicious

  5. This looks very beautiful. I hope you enjoy the challenge. Have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  6. nice clicks..looks so crispy and tasty..

  7. perfect murukkus! awesome photo… so crunchy!

  8. Beautiful murukku, looks so crispy and something unique and nice…

  9. Aha , Murukku, my fav chakli.. . .. . .. . love them.
    And these photographs make it more appealing.

    • s

       /  April 20, 2010

      thanks so much all….I loved this snack too though not sure if ill make this too often ..being fried and all:(

  10. oops sheba, that comment by kr mani is me actually, i help my dad with his blog so must have forgotten to log out :O

  11. oh man! this must be delicious! sago explosion be damned – i am gng to try this too!

  12. Looks so super crunchy and tasty! I’ve never had sago murukku before, looks very interesting. Well done on not having any explosions πŸ™‚

  13. Golden brown. looks good and the crispness shows through in the pictures!

  14. sheeba,

    Muruku looks really good. I enjoyed making too.

  15. usha

     /  April 16, 2010

    they look perfect Sheba!

  16. This looks like a great snack!

  17. Cham

     /  April 15, 2010

    That a good try, hope u enjoyed the challenge!

  18. Very beautiful and tempting snaps….

  19. Murukkus looks soooo crispy and prefect…

  20. these have come out perfect..love the color..crispy and crunchy

  21. Hi. The muruku looks beautiful with the golden color.

  22. Very well done… and well presented!!
    thanks for sharing:)

  23. Perfect color. Looks so crispy.

  24. Murukus look nice and crispy.Beautiful golden colour fried to perfection,My 1st visit here.Following your blog.

  25. Sago murukku has come out great’ looks extraordinarily perfect’…crispy, crunchy wanna grab handful from ur display)

  26. looks lovely………crisp and yummy I enjoyed making mine too

  27. Beautiful photos and hope you had a crunchy time πŸ™‚


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