The Disgusting and The Delicious

Use your kitchen sponge to clean your toilet.

Wait! Did u read that right? Yes you did because with the way many of us live we could do this and be none the dirtier. So read on for a few tips to get you going to a healthier, cleaner life…

Let’s start with the Kitchen Sponge; that innocent looking green scrub that no kitchen can do without.
(image courtesy
Did you know that it carries more than 134000 bacteria per square inch …Horrible isn’t it.
Sponges are a popular party venue for bacteria and the moist environment is a total bacteria magnet. Often people use the sponge to wipe up raw meat or fish from the sink counter and then use the same sponge to clean their baby’s bowl. Nice huh!!
So what can we do, you ask?

For one you could disinfect them, or better still stock up on a few and REPLACE them every week or so. Also leave them to dry in-between every few uses as most bacteria can only survive a few hours on dry surfaces.

Your Cutting Board is also a hot bed for germs. Don’t believe me? Read on.
It is said that there could be more that 200 times fecal bacteria on your seemingly innocuous cutting board than your toilet seat..YUK YUK YUK!
So what can you do? Divide and Rule, I say! Use separate cutting boards for vegetables and non vegetarian food items. That solves a lot of issues.
Clean your board using hot water and detergent and the wash using a chlorine bleach-water mixture. Do this often (and I don’t mean once a month!)

Another potential bacteria breeding ground is the Kitchen Sink. Full or empty, the sink is housekeepers sink of woe, as germs tend to LOVE to live here. Keep baking soda and an old tooth brush near the sink at all times and clean using hot water as and when possible including the tap and tap handle as well.
Now that’s wasn’t too difficult was it? A few extra minutes is all it takes and you have a cleaner home and life!

After that bit of kitchen gyaan let me share with you a delightful cake that I made using the recipe that I found on the Purple Foodies blog..

Chocolate Walnut Marbled Cake

2 ½ cups flour
½ cup coarsely ground walnuts
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
9oz. / 250g. butter
3oz./ 85g. bittersweet chocolate, roughly chopped
1 tsp cocoa powder
1 1/4th cup hot milk
1 3/4th cup sugar
4 large eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract

1. Preheat the oven to 350F/160C. Butter and dust a loaf pan.Use a loaf pan..I didn’t have one at the moment so used a regular cake dish…thats why they dont look so good…The marbled effect comes out beautifully in a loaf tin.
2. Whisk together the flour, ground walnuts, baking powder and salt.
3. In a heatproof bowl set over simmering water, melt 2 tbsp butter with cocoa and chocolate. Heat until the chocolate and butter have melted and the mixture is smooth. Set aside.
4. Mix together the butter and sugar for about 3-4 minutes .
5. Beat the eggs in one at a time, until the mixture looks smooth. Add the vanilla extract.
6. Now either on a reduced speed, or by folding in by hand, add the flour and hot milk alternately.
7. Now take a little less than half the flour and mix it with the chocolate mixture that you set aside earlier. Stir till it is thoroughly blended – don’t overmix.
8. Pour in the white mixture into the pan then the chocolate mixture and then the white mixture again into the bundt pan without stirring and then run a knife through it once or twice for very visibly distinct two layers. For a pronounced marbled look, stir the knife through the batter a few more times.
9. Bake for 55-65 minutes or until the knife comes out clean. Let it cool for 10 minutes or so before unmoulding.
Hope you enjoy it…

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  1. Lovely cake and icky germ info. Glad that you’re putting this out there. People really do forget the simple basics of avoiding germs and cross-contamination.

  2. I thought you are writing an article about kitchen and keeping it clean!!, when I scrolled I could see this beautiful cake, looks very yummy, I keep looking into recipes with walnuts, as i have stock of them!, they look gorgeous

  3. reading this post made me so happy. for once i am glad i am very fastidious when it comes to keeping my home and kitchen clean. looks like being vegetarian helps. my cutting board has never been exposed to anything non veg. phew. this is a really good informative post. and yes, thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. That is excellent info on keeping things clean in the kitchen. Fortunately for me I already so the things you suggest and more.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. sheba your cake is very tempting !! cheers from France pierre

  6. Hi S…
    It long time….saw u on other blog…
    Nice collection of recipes dear…. Cake sounds fantastic dear..

    Do checkout my 1st event

  7. Thats a very useful info Sheba. I pat my shoulder, unknowingly I was doing everything. he he he ..
    Choc is one my favs. Cake looks tempting !!!

  8. wow, nice tips..

    the cake looks sooo goood. fantastic.

  9. Thanks! Reminded me to bin my sponge.
    That marble-cake is to seriously die for! Looks divine and just perfect!

  10. thanks for the wonderful tips.. i likes chanm’s and sahiti’s tips too. The marble cake looks super moist and delicious!

  11. that sounds disgusting…… however, nice tips for those uncorrectable “chefs” in the kitchen!!!!

    the marble cake sounds far interesting and delicious!!! have a nice day!!!

  12. These are good cleaning tips 🙂 The cake looks incredible!

  13. The cake looks just fantastic, s!And that is really some great info..oops…’Kitchen gyaan’!

  14. And I love yours s!! My baking is rubbish. How idiot proof is this cake??

    • It tasted delicious!! You want idiot proof try the golden cake on my doesnt get easier or tastier than that.

  15. ahh..i had a smrik whil reading abt th sponge..thats so true.I usually replace every 2 weeks.

    the cake is awesme

  16. chocolate marble cake looks delicious and yummy.. about chopping board u r DD does the foodtech, she has been tought that you should have colour-corded chopping board…

  17. Gosh, that’s some food for thought– about the kitchen sink and sponge.
    The cake looks lovely.

  18. Urmi

     /  February 8, 2010

    I appreciate for your wonderful post. Cake looks delicious and mouth watering.

  19. angela

     /  February 8, 2010

    Read somewhere that you can nuke your kitchen sponges in the microwave from time to time. This zaps the bacteria. Or douse it in a soapy solution with a few drops of bleach disinfectant.

  20. bergamot

     /  February 8, 2010

    nice post… got me thinking on the grems in the kitchen sink.. the cake looks yummy

  21. Cham

     /  February 8, 2010

    Wonderful disinfecting tips one more can be added I do it- 1:4 beach with water solution, soak 15 min, rinse and squeeze out the water and microwave for 1 min the bacteria is killed and no smell, I even microwave the cutting board after hot rinse!
    Lovely cake!

  22. sahiti

     /  February 8, 2010

    Nuke the kitchen sponge in M.W to make it 100% germ free.Don’t forget to wet it thoroughly or else it would catch fire.

  23. hi
    Great post 🙂 scary to the core 😉 it’s better to be safe than sorry , thanks for passing on the info.
    The cake looks perfect! walnuts and choco makes it great!

  24. yikes, thats some germy statistics, thanks for sharing by the way, it never hurts for anyone to be a bit more careful in this regard.

    chocolate marble cake looks delicious! I have been meaning to try it for sometime, but not sure if my baking voodoo qualifies me to bake such a delicious and artful cake 🙂

  25. Lovely cake! Walnut and chocolate can’t go wrong.

  26. Very true. Even the dish towels..

    Lovely cake, nice nutty taste with walnuts

  27. Nice tips..! I use separate cutting boards for veg n nonveg dishes 🙂 The marble cake looks fabulous…!

  28. I am the worst at changing sponges. I think it’s been months. But I can’t remember. Which is definitely a bad sign.

    Gorgeous cake! I love the walnuts in it…give it a nice warm nutty flavor with the nice sweet delicious chocolate.

  29. Great info, I stopped using sponge long time ago in the kitchen or anywhere. I use washable cotton colth and use it one a day. Lot better than using and wasting paper towels too.

    Beautiful cake, love the marble effect.

  30. Have to say that post title almost scared me off the lovely cake. 😀

  31. varsha

     /  February 7, 2010

    Thanks for dropping by Sheba..good to have found your space.:)…those scary facts are so true n thanks for the tips..nice looking cake there..:)

  32. uhhhhh what scary but informative info.though I use separate chopping boards and clean the sink often but never knew of this sponge thing. will buy some more to replace in between.
    the cake looks yummy. very moist and crumbly. love the marbling effect.

  33. Lisa

     /  February 7, 2010

    I’ve never gone from grossed out to drooling in a shorter period of time. That reminds me that it’s time for a new kitchen sponge!

    The cake looks really good! I haven’t made a marble cake in the longest time.

    Lisa aka “Anali”

  34. thanks for the tips…lovely cake!

  35. Tempting clicks…marble cakes are my the additions of walnuts..

    i have 4 cutting boards to chop and i cant go to bed without cleaning my kitchen sink..its has been a routine for me, very informative post…

  36. The Cake looks really yumm! Thanks for the valuable tips!

  37. Yeah i so agree with ya on those cleaner kitchen tips-we soak am in hot water with some go green home made mix that has white vinegar perxide et all and yeah change it quick…
    Love ur very varied posts and thanx a ton for stopping by…i think this cake u baked is real elicious and moist ….one of the best have seen in a bit…cheers

    Am posting about an award by tomorow…i think u will love to write it …something imaginative kinda…if u wan to leave me a message on the post by tomo and will add ur blog ok….if u think u ‘ll enjoy it ie…

  38. Wonderful eye opener, i knew abt the kitchen sponge and always change in a week! Cake looks moist and delicious!

  39. Owh yeah…abt the kitchen cleanliness, it’s a MUST for me! I do use separate boards for vege n nonvege! hehe…

    • so do I..but did it only because I always happened to have extra ones…didnt know it was part of standard kitchen hygiene!

  40. Uhh…I’m drooling at ur Marble Walnut Cake…! 🙂

  41. thanks for the information on germs…

  42. Ah….the cake is so good to look at after all the shocking kitchen gyaan..:):)

    I try to maintain a clean kitchen too,so thanks for the wonderful tips.


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