Here’s the thing; I LOVE going out to the movies; but with a 2 year old its been rather difficult lately.
It was after much hesitation that we finally decided to watch Avatar. And its been the highlight of my weekA fabulous visual treat.

Have you watched it…not yet? Well you absolutely must.

James Cameron spent a good amount of the last 15 years trying to make a film that would elevate him from the “king of the world” level….presumptuous as it sounds. But with Avatar , I think he does just that.

The story follows paraplegic Marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) to planet Pandora , where his consciousness controls an avatar, a clone of Pandora’s local humanoid Na’vi people.

Apparently the local Na’vi people do not take too kindly to human visitors , which is pretty unfortunate because their “home-tree” is sitting right on top of a rare mineral “unobtainium” which the humans need to resolve a staggering energy crisis back home(ya guys, its 2145 but we are still at it!!). It helps that this mineral sells for 20 million a kilo !!!
So the scientists use genetically engineered Na’vi look-alikes that they can mind-control while the human body is in a kind of deeply-claustrophobic space craft.

Sully( in his blue pointy-eared ,cat-eyed avatar body) falls in love with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), the Na’vi warrior princess with whom he explores the wondrous Pandora.
And its from here that the movie explodes into life. It proves wrong the main antagonist Col. Quaritch’s words that “if there is a hell, you might want to go there for a little R&R after Pandora”.On the contrary Pandora is a dream come true…..

The visual effects are eye-popping optical candy
The landscape of the forests, cliffs, waterfalls , floating mountains.. The animals on Pandora are incredible too, weird and fascinating hybrids of dinosaurs and devilish imagination. Cameron just pushes the boundaries of technology and we are drawn into this mind-boggling alternate reality!!!

The CGI fantasy world will take your breath away….literally for some. I read here that some people were so enamored by the make believe world that they were feeling depressed AND SUICIDAL!!!

“After I watched Avatar at the first time, I truly felt depressed as I “wake” up in this world again” said someone of the site….
Anyway, in the end Jake is torn between his military orders to infiltrate the Na’vi and his understanding and love for the blue”tree-hugging” people. Yes, it’s nature versus machine again, and well you know what happens next….

While the plot-line was really “formulaic” and well, even cheesy at times….but there are some metaphors to look out for.
You cannot miss the film’s obvious reference to white guilt- America’s wrongful invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, or the wrongful atrocities committed against Native Americans and during the slave trade years. The pro-environmental message is also loud and clear.

The acting was spectacular especially Zoë Saldana .Terrific.

All in all a great movie, especially if you love(d) Star Trek.

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  • January 2010
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