Lofty Heights

Just wanted to share few pics of the New Tallest Building in the World- Dubai’s Burj Khalifa . The building is more than twice the height of the Empire State Building in New York City and almost twice the height of Chicago ‘s Sears Tower .

Point to ponder
Does this help man reach new heights or does it dwarf him???

Another high( for me) is this lovely award conferred upon me by PJ of seduce your tastebuds fame….

Thanks a lot Daahling!!

Now as the rule book says i need to REVEAL 7 things that people don’t know about me….so here goes..

1. I have studied Carnatic vocal music for 15 years but I have never given a public performance.

2. I am a compulsive planner. I NEED to meticulously plan my entire day…right down to if I’m going to oil my hair or run the washing machine.

3.I can be the WILDEST person you know(I have lived some PRETTY WILD days during my college days in Paris)but I can also be your quintessential Good religious girl( I know the VishnuSahasranamam, Lalitha Sahasranamam and many chapters of the Bagavath Gita by heart), when I used to live in Kochi I would visit the nearby Shiv Temple everyday at 5 in the morning.

4. I used to be a HUGE fan of NKOTB during my school days. In fact i even wrote to them saying I was a dying fan and that my last wish was to see them….(well, they did send me a letter!!!!)

5.I get a pedicure done every week….but I can sometimes go for DAYS without even combing my hair after a bath.

6.I have a deviated septum.

7. I have an AWFUL memory….I forget peoples faces almost as soon as they are out of sight!!!!!

Well, there ya go….7 SECRET ME things!

And I’m giving this award to 7 Lovely Bloggers and going to put them through the same quandary!!!

They have fabulous blogs and i love all of them….

Sayantani of A Home Makers Diary
Sheetal Kiran of Eats Eats and Eats
Sarah Naveen of Vazhayila
Sunita&Namita of Collaborative Curry
sig of Live to Eat
Roma of Roma’s Space
Farida of AZ Cookbooks

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  1. Hi Sheeba, congrats on your award and thanks for passing it on to me. So sweet of you. It was great knowing you better from your secret 7:).

  2. very cute meme and congrats on the award.. can’t think of a more creative blogger after those Tanjores!

  3. Errr…I guess Abu Dhabi has to pay this bill too?
    Congrats on the award! You went to college in Paris? A qui et pourquoi?

    • I know..esp since they named it after their King….yup did my masters there(name sake though…didnt study much!!)

  4. oh my..the pics of burj is so majestic with all those fireworks n all..and that tag u did was “howlarious”

  5. great photographs…and I have a phobia about getting into sky high buildings πŸ™‚

  6. Hi. You are a talented girl S, it was fun to read about u.

  7. I think man should attain new heights in acts of kindness and compassion,not by building the tallest buildings.
    Congrats on your achievement πŸ˜€

  8. Awesome pics!Congrats on the award..!

  9. Congrats on the award was nice reading about you…
    I am an oxymoron myself too..can go two extremes easily…
    hey the point to mull over is a thought provoking one actually…I would say this things dwarfs us..if i am to explain my point, i think it will take the entire better stop here..hahahah …
    and you should dfntly give a public performance..15 years is a big time…you know what.i am a trained classical dancer, started my lessons at the age of 3 and continued for almost 16 years…but once i joined my graduate college i stopped evrything..I dont why..many people here are asking me to give lessons to students , as this is a hot talent here in US..but i dont feel it anymore..SIGH!!!!!!
    btw..thanx for sharing it with me…

  10. I saw that on TV.Man!! That is tall. I also read that a Indian entrepreneur owns the whole 100th floor of that building as his apartment, paid 25mil!!!!

    I guess it makes the man dwarf! ;D

  11. Congrates on award! Good to know about you! You’re such a talented gal! Keep it up. πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks so much for the award. I loved the snap of fire works in this post.

  13. lovely reading about you! Are you based in Dubai?

  14. Warmest congratulations on your award! And thanks so much for conferring me with this wonderful award, S! Love your space! Beautiful photographs … between the two on this post, the second held me mesmerized. Beautiful!

  15. Clicks are great!

  16. hahaha…i love the subtle irony and paradoxical situations of our mind and life you have tried to put forth. Yea….I guess each one of us have similar situations in life that have no straight answers.

  17. Cham

     /  January 13, 2010

    Great to know about u. U ve studied in Paris? may I know which Univer, because I Studied in Paris too…
    U ve some great personality- learn Carnat but never gave public perfor- is it fear? or never got a chance!

    • Not fear..just never felt like it…THEN..Now I regret it:(
      I studied at the Ecole pone et chausse..its basically an engineering college on St germain d eprix..but i did my MBA….what about u?

      • Cham

         /  January 15, 2010

        Great I studied in IUT d’Orsay- (Paris XI) done my DUT informatique! Good to know about u πŸ™‚

  18. Pics of Burj Dubai errrrr Burj Khalifa are awesome..:D Great to know more about you and thanks a lot for thinking about us πŸ™‚

  19. first of all congrats on the award. yours is a great blog which covers so many aspects of life, truly deserving candidate you are. the 7 things that you reveled shows a modern S who is connected to her roots with lots of values.
    last but not the least thanks for showering me with this beautiful award. now i have to think hard….


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