12 Kuvaa-Jan 2010

January 2010

12 kuvaa/photos-october

12 kuvaa/photos-october

12 photo september
My Finnish Blogger friends, Krisu and Mari, have invited me to join the project of a Finnish bloggers’ group, “12 kuvaa, 12 pics” which involves photographing the same spot from the same perspective over the course of one year, one photo each month. So this is my picture for the photo challenge. Its taken from the top of Spring Beach in Dabolim, Goa. It’s a breathtaking view and a fantastic beach. It’s the first beach I visited in Goa, and its one place we love to go to..rain or shine. The pic was taken at 9 am, 13 Sept 2009.

Brief Instructions

1) Select the target.
2) Take a photo, write down the place, the focal length and time.
3. Make the blog post between September 1st and 15th to your blog.
4. Link post to MckLinkyyn (here at Kameravene.fi Logbook).
5. Wait a month:-D
6. Take a photo from the same spot under the same settings as before. EDIT 2.9: … as same size as possible and from same perspective.
7. Make the blog post between September 1st and 15th to your blog. Include all photos taken over the past months (two photos in October, November three, etc. ).
8. Link post to MckLinky.
9. Repeat every month points 5-8 above.

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  1. Your January looks just as bare as ours, but in a different way.

  2. Less colours every month.

  3. Brown is a grass. Is silent.

  4. Such an awesome project, and such beautiful photos!!

  5. Grass has gone brown, but view is as beautiful as before! In Calangute beach there were not islands…

  6. Grass is rather brown now, but still it’s beautifull and quiet there. I hope that somebody ‘ll sit down on a nice sit.
    You have a very nice serie!

  7. Syksyn tuntua ilmassa. Odotan milloin penkillä istuisi joku 🙂

  8. “12 kuvaa, 12 pics” the name is good and so is the idea. Here most of the things will change in a period of 1 month. Let me try this one.

  9. Nice view, I’d almost forget myself in a place like this!!! love the last one!!


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