“When you have brought up kids, there are memories you store directly in your tear ducts”

Raising kids is part joy and part guerrilla warfare said some bloke named Ed Asner -though I tend to agree with this for most part ,motherhood does have some exciting and wonderful wonderful moments.

Its my oldest sons 6th birthday tomorrow and I lay in bed this morning wondering how fast time is FLYING. I mean I’ve heard the clichés: “They grow up so fast!” “Where does the time go?” And so on, but I truly didn’t get it, until now.

Although everything seems the same and normal the sudden epiphany reminds me that a lot has changed. I realize that Daksh is only 6, but already it feels like there’s this giant Wizard of Oz hourglass with sand just pouring through…time is zooming, he’s changing and growing, and becoming so independent. He doesn’t need my help for most things now and probably will need me less as the years go by. Of course I’m glad he’s smart and independent but it really is an odd day when you realize that your son is a ‘big boy’. Of course there are days when his attitude exasperates me but those days are easily forgotten. As someone said A child is a handful sometimes; a heartful at all times!

Each stage of his development process is etched and celebrated so clearly in my heart and mind and now a feeling of something eluding me overwhelms just as I also realize that the babyhood of the past is now a permanently carved memory. And this little beautiful person, so sure of himself and so full of hope and smiles lets me know that it’s the same new world for both of us.

I do hope that his memories of childhood are happy and that he grows up to be a wonderful human being. I know that every day cannot be exciting and big but I realize that it’s the small gestures, heartwarming memories and times of togetherness that make life a life worth living…

Anyway here’s something I got as a forward which I kinda liked….

Kids Are Like Kites

are like
kites. You
spend a lifetime
trying to get them
off the ground. You
run with them until you
are both breathless ~ they
crash ~ You add a larger tail
~ they lift the rooftop. ~ You
pluck them out of the spout ~ you
patch and comfort, assure them that
someday they will fly! ~ Finally they
are airborne, but they need more string.
~ You keep letting the string out but
with each twist of the ball of twine
there is some sadness along with
the joy. The kite becomes more
distant and somehow you know
it will not be long before
your beautiful child will
snap the life line that
bound you together
and soar as he
was meant to



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  1. Awesome work there. I must appreciate author as well.

  2. My daughter is 3 months today and I feel that time flies….guess when Baby I is 6 I will be repeating the words every mother says.

    Belated wishes to Daksh

  3. Happy Birthday (albeit belated!) to your little man. Your post brought a tear to my eye. Yes, they grow up so FAST!!! Those past years will never return, thats the saddest part.
    I’m already starting to blank out on certain memories…good grief!

  4. poem is very touching,,..and true too,..

  5. sigh.. came here by the unusual title and just sighed in agreement.

  6. wow well said, reflected the thought of all the mothers out there.

  7. Ah, loved going through the post, very well written!

  8. Wow, that was a very touching post. As a mom of an infant, I feel that pain..Happy Birthday to Daksh!


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