Ladoos and the Alphabet

Rava ladoo
Took a quick trip to mallu-land yesterday. No, no didn’t travel there but I certainly felt like I was there. Yesterday was Vidyarambam a Hindu ritual we follow that symbolizes a Child’s initiation into the world of letters. Although M is not too hot on these rituals and traditions I wanted to get this one done.

riceIt involves getting the child to write the words Om Hari Shri Ganapathaye Namaha, the first alphabets a child writes before a lifetime of words. The child is made to write these words alphabet by alphabet on a plate of rice and then write these words again on his or her tongue using a piece of gold.

GoldSince M cannot write Malayalam to save his life and I figured it was probably easier to go to the nearest Malayalee temple than to teach him. We’ve been to this temple only once or twice but I love going there because it makes me feel like I’m home in Kerala.
Everyone in the temple – the worshippers, the pundits everyone speaks in Malayalam and even people waiting in the cars parked nearby play Malayalam music.Check out some of the garlanded two-wheelers that were part of the vehicle puja. ooohh I miss home so much I’m gonna cry…
anyway lets pep things up a bit this holiday season and make what most of you probably already know –Rava Ladoo.

Rava(semolina) 2 cups
Sugar 2 cups
Coconut 1 cup
Ghee 1 cup
Milk, a bit if you want
Cardamom powdered ¼ tsp

Fry the rava and powder it along with the sugar, coconut and the cardamoms. Add the ghee gradually and mix. Add the raisins , if using.Sprinkle some milk if you need to. Roll into lemon sized balls. Enjoy this festive goody.

This treat will also find its way to FIL- Ghee and to the Dussehra, Dhanteras & Deepavali Event

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