Chocolate Shake

chocolate milk shake
I love chocolate shake. In fact its one thing I ALWAYS order when we dine out.
A year back we went to this place in Cochin and asked for my fav chocolate shake. For the first time I actually saw and realized that they just used frozen milk packets directly and not boiled and cooled milk.
That sort of ended my love affair with these slurrpy delights.


Making a thick frothy chocolate shake at home is so incredibly simple and utterly delicious. Just make sure that you have your supplies ready, and keep them frozen or chilled until you need them.

If you delight in all things chocolate, as I do, you will love this recipe.

1 cup milk
1 cup chocolate ice cream
3 tbsp chocolate syrup.

Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth and thick. For thicker shakes, use more ice cream and less milk and just the opposite if you want a thinner party drink.

My oldest son too is an avid milk,chocolate and shake lover (in that order) and i dedicate this recipe to him. I hope to keep preparing more stuff that he loves.
Since MILK does for the basis for this recipe off this goes to the FIL event!This months ingredient is MILK(as u well guessed) and hosted by sanghi.

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  1. This sure looks very delicious!

  2. Hi Sheeba, lovely entry for my FIL-Milk event..! Lovely blog! Do visit my blog..! I’m following yours..!

  3. Slurppp, feel like having rite now..

  4. Mmm – didn’t realize it was so simple – I get turned off by milkshape recipes that call for malt and yada yada yada – I’m sure my kids will slurp this one up.

  5. I love the brownies especially as they are made with wheat. Perfect for the event and chocolate shake …who does not like it?
    Thanks for dropping by and keep visiting dear.

  6. Looks delish..and that’s nice click


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