Ah! Rose…

Rose Laban

The word rose always conjures up images of my visit to Madras..oops Chennai a million years ago. My family had some luggage to collect (we were moving back to India from Damascus) and we ended up staying there for almost a month. I remember we stayed at some hotel with lots of palm trees. Madras is notorious for its rains, and we found ourselves in the midst of the incessant rains. I remember waking up one morning to find all our stuff floating in water INSIDE our room.i mean the entire hotel was flooded but apparently THAT was a normal occurance. Whew!! The roads were flooded…it was like nothing, NOTHING I’d ever seen before.

Anyway, since it was just my sister and I in the room most of the times we kept ordering for room service. Finally
they posted one of the waiters to stand outside our room at all times. We stayed for a few weeks and the poor guy was there the whole time. Serious! This actually happened. And more often than not we kept ordering the rose milk. It was out-of-the world! Anyway I’m a Libran (it’s actually anyone’s guess as I exhibit almost ALL traits of one) so when I realized my colour for the event was pink I could think of nothing else. I am a new blooger and this is my first Food in Colour event the brainchild of sunshinemom. The thing about these events is that it throws up such wonderful opportunities to meet fellow-bloggers and get to read and see some ABSOLUTELY stunning blogs.

This months very creative Event Zodiac hosted by Ashwini requires one to match the zodiac sign with a colour and food.

I have prepared a very refreshing Arabic yogurt drink similar to rose milk. I adapted the recipe that I got from here.

Rose Laban

2 cups of whole-milk yogurt
2 tablespoons rose water
1/2 cup water
3 teaspoons sugar
1 drop red food coloring SLUURRPPPP

In a blender mix all the ingredients except the water. Now gradually add the water and blend until it gets to the consistency of your desire.

Serve chilled.

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