Kerala Breakfast in a Jiffy…

I'm Super Soft!

I'm Super Soft!

Rava Idli and Coconut chutney

This is a super easy breakfast to make. You need –

3 cups rava
1 ½ cups urad dal
Salt to taste

Wash and drain the rava. Keep aside.

Soak urad dal for an hour and grind well using just enough water to make it a fine paste. Mix with the rava, add required amount of salt and leave overnight. Voila! Perfectly soft and fluffy idlis guaranteed.

For the chutney you need,

1 coconut grated
1 medium sized onion, or 3 small onions
¼ cup thick curds
1 inch pc ginger
Few curry leaves (3 or 4 should be enough)
Salt to taste

For the tempering you will need

1 tbsp oil (preferably coconut oil)
1 or 2 red chillies
1 tsp mustard seeds

Grind the ingredients under chutney to a paste. Put in serving bowl. In a small saucepan, add the oil. When it is hot (Your palm should feel warm when held over the oil), throw in the mustard seeds. In a few seconds it will crackle. Add the red chillies and curry leaves and take off fire.
Add the tempering (tadka) to the chutney in the serving dish.

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  1. Idly looks perfect .love to have them any time of the day.

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