Kerala Appam With a Twist!

Nice and Crispy ain't it??

Nice and Crispy ain't it??

The word Appam conjures up so many pleasant memories for me.
Having spent most of my childhood in Kerala ,Appam was almost a regular breakfast fare.
Often known by its other name’s- paalappam, vellayappam or just plain and simple Appam, its preparation and execution is almost considered an art form in Kerala and even appam-virtuosos don’t always dish out perfect Appams.

If we had guests at home these delicious Appams would be accompanied by a Mutton Stew. On regular days we relished appams with Chutney or a Vegetable stew sometimes with coconut milk and sugar. Yumm…

These fermented rice pancakes have many varieties and i have here a very unique recipe. These Atta Appams are much easier than the original rice version and taste just as good. The recipe was given to me by a very good friend who is herself a very talented and accomplished cook. So here goes…


Atta( Whole Wheat Flour) 3 cups
Active dry Yeast 1/4 tsp
Warm Water 1/4 Cup
Coconut milk 1 Cup
Sugar 3 Tbsp
Salt to taste


Add the yeast to the lukewarm water (not hot) along with 1 tbsp of the sugar. Shake it a bit and keep in
a dark dry place until the yeast ferments, about 15 min. The water should appear frothy. If not discard and try again.
Add this to the Atta and combine with a little more water until it is a thick paste.
Do Not Dilute.
Keep this aside for around six hours.
Before preparation add the remaining sugar, coconut milk and salt.
It should be smooth and of slightly thin in consistency.
Heat the Appam-chatti/ pan and pour a ladle of the batter into the pan. Here is what an Appam pan looks like-

Appam Pan

Appam Pan

Holding both sides of the pan immediately swirl the pan so that the batter spreads to the sides of the pan and forms a circular shape. You can add some ghee, if desired. Close the lid and let cook for about 3-4 min. By then the edges should look crispy and the centre should be a bit thick but look cooked nonetheless. Enjoy these beauties anytime of the day.

Makes around 20 appams.

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